Meet Salon Chic Stylist Samantha Tarazon-Bowes!

I define beautiful as something that is visually appealing, or what catches your interest. Although my main goal is to create a cut or color that is visually appealing, above all, I want my client to leave my chair FEELING beautiful—like they can take on the world!
— Samantha

Samantha has been in the beauty industry for 2 years. She attended the Avalon School of Cosmetology in Phoenix where she later graduated.

After styling a classmate's hair in high school, she found the inspiration needed to pursue a career in cosmetology. Samantha's classmate was so happy with the results that she was brought to tears of joy after receiving compliments on her hair that day. This brought Samantha to the realization that if there was a job where she was able to help people feel good about themselves, it was one she wanted for herself!

Samantha's style ranges from classic to trendy. It is her personal hope that this range helps her see more and more satisfied clients in her chair weekly. She also hopes to provide a service that makes her clients feel comfortable and understood in their vision.

Social media platforms are a great source of inspiration for Samantha. She loves being able to access trends and techniques from all around the world by following artists that motivate her creatively. Getting to work alongside the other talented stylists at Salon Chic is also a great source for her inspiration. 

Keeping up with the latest trends in the hair industry, as well as continuing her education whenever possible, are just some of the ways Samantha ensures that every one of her clients receives the best service she has to offer.

She considers the friendly, open, and welcoming environment at Salon Chic to be what she loves most about working there. 

A few fun facts about Samantha: She is happily married to her husband, Jacob, and she has been living in AZ for 14 years now but was born and raised in Albuquerque, New Mexico!

To reserve an appointment with Samantha, call Salon Chic at (623)536-8113 today! 

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Meet Salon Chic Aesthetician & Makeup Artist Sarah Marcotte-Stephens!

To me, beautiful means that you are comfortable in your own skin without comparing yourself to others. You don’t have to be flawless to feel beautiful. You just need to be the best version of yourself and feel so amazing about you that the beauty radiates from the inside out.
— Sarah

Sarah has been a professional makeup artist for 12 years and a licensed aesthetician for 6 years. She attended the Skin and Makeup Institue of Arizona as well as an extended school for makeup.

It was during her fifth year as a kindergarten teacher that she realized she needed to follow her heart and passion by committing to a career in the beauty industry. She hasn't looked back since and still credits it as one of the best decisions she has ever made!

Her makeup style can best be described as classic. Sarah does a lot of special occasion makeup (weddings, quinceaneras, etc.) and providing an application that allows their natural beauty to shine through is her main goal. As for her creative and edgy side, she gets to express it fully through photo shoots and other editorial work.

Her skills as a makeup artist landed her a beloved collaboration with renowned photographer, Clay Blackmore. The photo shoot was featured in a high-end magazine. Seeing her name in print, and getting professional recognition for her work, is one of her most prized personal achievements.

Sarah gathers inspiration by watching other professional artists work. She prefers to watch others perform their passion live rather than the over-filtered versions that we all see on social media. Everyday women are another source of inspiration for Sarah. She likes asking them about the products they use as well as giving them suggestions to complete their look.

She is in constant search for ways to learn new skills and techniques about skincare and makeup to ensure that her clients receive the exact look and results they desire.

Sarah is also offering group makeup classes & tutorials here at Salon Chic! (For more information on future dates, follow her personal page HERE or the Salon Chic facebook page!)

One of Sarah's biggest goals with her clients is that they leave the salon feeling more beautiful, relaxed, and comfortable than before. She strives to create meaningful relationships with her clients and also sees that as one of the greatest perks of her job.

Helping clients with skin issues is extremely important to Sarah. She does her best to resolve the source of the issue so that her clients do not feel like they have to hide their faces behind makeup. She also firmly believes that getting a great eyebrow shaping wax can make almost any woman (or man!) feel more confident and beautiful. Receiving referrals from her loyal clients is what she considers to be the highest form of flattery.

Sarah considers Salon Chic her second home. She loves that there is a laidback feel while still maintaining a professional environment. Her clients always feel welcomed and enjoy visiting the salon. Also, she truly adores the women she gets to work with daily.

A few fun facts about Sarah: She grew up on a cotton farm and is a 5th generation AZ Native, chips and salsa (and a good margarita!) are her weaknesses, and she hopes one day to extensively travel more of our beautiful world!

To reserve an appointment with Sarah, call Salon Chic at (623)536-8113 today!

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Meet Salon Chic Stylist Vanessa May-Lewis!

I define beauty by having self-confidence inside and out. I try and help my clients achieve this by assisting them with the beauty that is on the outside, and by being a friend that listens for the beauty that comes from inside.
— Vanessa

Vanessa attended cosmetology school in Oregon. With the encouragement of her mother, she pursued her passion for making others look and feel good about themselves. She has now been in the beauty industry for 14 years.

Her style of work can best be described as classic. However, staying up-to-date on the latest trends in the hair world is one of her major priorities. This ensures a timeless but still current look for her clients. 

When a client sits in Vanessa's chair, it is not just making their hair look great that is important to her. Her goal in her services is to create a genuine connection with all of her clients. Creating a bond and friendship with her loyal clientele is one of the things she loves most about being a hairstylist.

Vanessa gathers inspiration for hair from various celebrities as well as what is trending on social media outlets. She also continues her education by attending classes and practicing new techniques to keep her skills as a cosmetologist sharp.   

She loves working at Salon Chic because there is a warm connection and atmosphere here that she has yet to experience in any other salon. Her co-workers feel more like an extended family.

A few fun facts about Vanessa: She is a mother of two beautiful children, she loves the art of dance, and appreciates a sarcastic sense of humor since she has on herself!

To book an appointment with Vanessa, call Salon Chic at (623)536-8113 today!