Meet Salon Chic Stylist Ruby Martinez!

I would describe beautiful as the beauty that comes from within. I always remind my clients that, for women, our hair is our crown! So we really are the Queens of our world.
— Ruby

Ruby has been in the beauty industry for 6 years. She attended Empire Beauty School where she later graduated.

As a little girl, her Barbie dolls became Ruby's very first clients. She always knew she truly loved everything about beauty and hair.

One of our stylists, Mary Crow-Hernandez, encouraged her to pursue her passion and inspired her to make her dream her career. She also had the opportunity to later snag an internship with Mary as well as Salon Chic's owner, Jade Smith.

Ruby's style can best be defined as classic. It is her goal to provide a timeless look and style for her clients. She seeks inspiration for these looks from the women around her, including the other talented stylists at Salon Chic. Celebrity looks are also a great source of motivation to attempt new techniques and the latest trends in the hair world.

The family dynamic that she has found at the salon is what Ruby believes separates Salon Chic apart. The fact that she can always rely on her co-workers—for anything—is something that she cherishes most.

A few fun facts about Ruby: She has a twin (her brother!), she has a crazy sweet tooth, and she is currently expecting a little girl that is her miracle baby. (We are SO happy for you, Ruby!)

To reserve an appointment with Ruby, call Salon Chic at (623)536-8113 today!

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