Meet Salon Chic Stylist Christian Moody-Ward!

The word beautiful to me is not only how you look but how you feel. Beauty can be felt as well as seen. I try and help my clients leave feeling this way by giving them the best experience I can provide for them.
— Christian

Christian has been a professional hairstylist for 10 years. She attended, and graduated from, Classic Beauty College.

Starting from a young age, Christian knew she had a passion for the beauty industry. As a teenager, she was always experimenting with her friends hair as well as her own. Whether it was an updo for Homecoming, highlights, or just a curled style, she enjoyed every outlet for hair.

Christian's style can best be described as trendy with an edgy side. Although she also enjoys the classic styles, short haircuts with a modern twist seem to be where she feels most in her element.

Learning new techniques and styles, as well as continuing her education whenever possible, are just some of the ways she keeps her skills sharp. Christian's ultimate goal with a client that sits in her chair is that they leave feeling more confident than before. Getting the chance to make her clients feel more beautiful is what she hopes to achieve every time they see her.

Christian considers Salon Chic her second home. She looks forward to her work days because it doesn't feel like work at all. Getting to hang out with co-workers that she considers some of her best friends, making others feel better about themselves, and having a job that she is truly passionate about make it easy to love her work environment.

A few fun facts about Christian: She is a wife and a momma of two beautiful children and utterly obsessed with her little family. She also has another great passion in her life—dance! She grew up dancing and has performed professionally throughout her life.

To reserve an appointment with Christian, call Salon Chic at (623)536-8113 today!