Meet Salon Chic Aesthetician Brittany Walsh-Ewings!

To me, beauty is confidence. It’s also being self-secure, being comfortable in your own skin, & treating others with kindness. Beautiful is also the sound of my kid’s laughter... because they fight for the majority of the time!
— Brittany

Brittany has been in the beauty & skin industry for 10 years. She studied at Artistic Beauty School where she later graduated. 

Starting out as a salon receptionist, Brittany has truly climbed her way up the beauty ladder over the years. It was there that she was surrounded by people who were truly passionate about their work. After a short time behind the desk, she could not wait to be a part of the beauty industry on a more interactive level!

Brittany's style of work can best be described as classic because of her love for a more natural look. She sincerely enjoys showing women just how beautiful they already are! Making her clients feel fully relaxed and comfortable is her biggest goal for the services she provides. She also loves helping build their confidence as well as lasting friendships.

In previous employment, Brittany had the honor of earning the title of the highest level waxer possible in their company. Although it was a major accomplishment she was proud of, she knew that bigger and better things still awaited her career.

Brittany finds inspiration through various social media platforms. Studying other artists and how they perform new techniques are just a couple of the many ways she continues her education. Just in the last year, she has added extensive facials and eyelash extension to her growing list of services.

The positive and creative energy, as well as the passionate environment, are what Brittany loves about working at Salon Chic. 

A few fun facts about Brittany: She met her husband at 16 years old and they have two beautiful girls together. Outside of the salon, she surrounds herself with family and is partnered with them in two business ventures that include refinishing old furniture and making fresh goat's milk soap!

To reserve an appointment with Brittany, call Salon Chic at (623)536-8113 today!