Meet Salon Chic Owner & Stylist Jade Smith!

I believe beauty comes from being confident in yourself. That is why I love what I do. I get to help others build that confidence and make them feel more beautiful than they did when they first stepped in the door.
— Jade

Jade has been in the beauty industry for 9 years. She attended, and graduated from, Classic Beauty College.

Her desire to become a hairstylist began while she was working in a salon as a receptionist. She loved the fast-paced and creative environment and knew that she wanted to pursue her passion for the industry by attending cosmetology school. 

After working in a couple of salons around the valley, and maintaining a full clientele, Jade decided that it was time to start her own business venture as a salon owner. In 2012, she opened the doors to Salon Chic in Goodyear, Arizona. It has been one of the best decisions she has ever made!

Jade's style leans toward a more natural and classic look. Although she loves the timeless styles, this does not keep her from mastering the latest trends and most current techniques of the evolving beauty industry.

Making sure that her clients feel comfortable and confident while in her chair is her biggest priority. She is extremely grateful for the loyal clientele she has had the pleasure of getting to know over the years and hopes that they feel more like longtime friends more than anything else.

Jade takes a great amount of pride in the team at Salon Chic. The staff is more like an extended family than employees. She believes in their unique talents and is equally inspired by their creativity and work ethic. The incredible team and clients she is surrounded by weekly are what makes Salon Chic feel like her home away home.

A few fun facts about Jade: She is getting married in September to her handsome and kind fiancé (Congrats, Jade!), she has two wonderful sons that she absolutely adores, and she is almost positive that she was an FBI agent, personal investigator, or a police detective in a past life.

To reserve an appointment with Jade, call Salon Chic at (623)536-8113 today!

Meet Salon Chic Stylist Amber Hefley!

I would describe beautiful as knowing what you like most about yourself and feeling your best—inside and out. Having your hair feel perfect always helps you feel a little more beautiful as well!
— Amber

Amber has been a professional hairstylist for 6 years. She attended Duncan Brothers School of Hair Design in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma where she later graduated.

Running her own business has always been something Amber wanted for her life. The flexible schedule, as well as the ever-changing environment of the salon, are some of the reasons she was drawn to the beauty industry. Getting to meet new people on a daily basis and making them feel beautiful through her services is what she enjoys most about her job as a stylist.

Amber's work can best be described as classic, but she also loves to practice the more current and trendy styles as well. Whatever is going to enhance her client's look best is what she aims to provide. 

Connecting with her clients on a personal level has always been important to Amber. She makes it a priority to have the appointment be completely centered around her client. Her goal is that they leave her chair feeling more beautiful and satisfied with her services.

Amber loves working at Salon Chic. In fact, she considers it the best salon she has been a part of in her career. She has the utmost respect for the owner, Jade Smith, who provides a warm and open environment for her staff. Working with other women that are passionate and incredibly talented is another aspect of the salon that she believes sets Salon Chic apart from the rest.

A few fun facts about Amber: She is a social butterfly and loves being an outgoing person, she takes a lot of pride in her work ethic, and she always gives 120% in everything she does in life!

To reserve an appointment with Amber, call Salon Chic at (623)536-8113 today!

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Meet Salon Chic Aesthetician Brittany Walsh-Ewings!

To me, beauty is confidence. It’s also being self-secure, being comfortable in your own skin, & treating others with kindness. Beautiful is also the sound of my kid’s laughter... because they fight for the majority of the time!
— Brittany

Brittany has been in the beauty & skin industry for 10 years. She studied at Artistic Beauty School where she later graduated. 

Starting out as a salon receptionist, Brittany has truly climbed her way up the beauty ladder over the years. It was there that she was surrounded by people who were truly passionate about their work. After a short time behind the desk, she could not wait to be a part of the beauty industry on a more interactive level!

Brittany's style of work can best be described as classic because of her love for a more natural look. She sincerely enjoys showing women just how beautiful they already are! Making her clients feel fully relaxed and comfortable is her biggest goal for the services she provides. She also loves helping build their confidence as well as lasting friendships.

In previous employment, Brittany had the honor of earning the title of the highest level waxer possible in their company. Although it was a major accomplishment she was proud of, she knew that bigger and better things still awaited her career.

Brittany finds inspiration through various social media platforms. Studying other artists and how they perform new techniques are just a couple of the many ways she continues her education. Just in the last year, she has added extensive facials and eyelash extension to her growing list of services.

The positive and creative energy, as well as the passionate environment, are what Brittany loves about working at Salon Chic. 

A few fun facts about Brittany: She met her husband at 16 years old and they have two beautiful girls together. Outside of the salon, she surrounds herself with family and is partnered with them in two business ventures that include refinishing old furniture and making fresh goat's milk soap!

To reserve an appointment with Brittany, call Salon Chic at (623)536-8113 today!

Meet Salon Chic Stylist Christian Moody-Ward!

The word beautiful to me is not only how you look but how you feel. Beauty can be felt as well as seen. I try and help my clients leave feeling this way by giving them the best experience I can provide for them.
— Christian

Christian has been a professional hairstylist for 10 years. She attended, and graduated from, Classic Beauty College.

Starting from a young age, Christian knew she had a passion for the beauty industry. As a teenager, she was always experimenting with her friends hair as well as her own. Whether it was an updo for Homecoming, highlights, or just a curled style, she enjoyed every outlet for hair.

Christian's style can best be described as trendy with an edgy side. Although she also enjoys the classic styles, short haircuts with a modern twist seem to be where she feels most in her element.

Learning new techniques and styles, as well as continuing her education whenever possible, are just some of the ways she keeps her skills sharp. Christian's ultimate goal with a client that sits in her chair is that they leave feeling more confident than before. Getting the chance to make her clients feel more beautiful is what she hopes to achieve every time they see her.

Christian considers Salon Chic her second home. She looks forward to her work days because it doesn't feel like work at all. Getting to hang out with co-workers that she considers some of her best friends, making others feel better about themselves, and having a job that she is truly passionate about make it easy to love her work environment.

A few fun facts about Christian: She is a wife and a momma of two beautiful children and utterly obsessed with her little family. She also has another great passion in her life—dance! She grew up dancing and has performed professionally throughout her life.

To reserve an appointment with Christian, call Salon Chic at (623)536-8113 today!

Meet Salon Chic Stylist Jamie Ferguson!

For me, beauty is a combination of so many things, but kindness and character are most important.
— Jamie

Jamie has been a hairstylist for 11 years. She attended, and graduated from, Maricopa Beauty College.

As a young girl, Jamie knew she wanted to be in the beauty industry. When she was a teenager, her first clients were her younger nieces. Jamie and her sister would do their hair and makeup, then put on mini fashion shows to see who had the best looks. Now she gets to doll up other girls and women daily in a career that she loves!

A notable accomplishment in Jamie's career is getting to coordinate and demonstrate hair segments on one of Phoenix's most popular news stations, Channel 12's Midday. She thoroughly enjoyed doing it and is still grateful for the experience. 

She enjoys seeking inspiration from her fellow talented co-workers, but always seems to find the most inspiration in the looks of the everyday women she meets in life. Her biggest goal with all of her clients is that they leave the salon feeling like they have a hairstylist that they can truly trust and recommend to their friends with confidence.

A few fun facts about Jamie: She is a die-hard sports fanatic (ESPN is on at her home 90% of the time), she loves baking—especially the decorating part, and has an even greater love for animals and children and can't wait to have her own in the future!

To reserve an appointment with Jamie, call Salon Chic at (623)536-8113 today!

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Meet Salon Chic Stylist Lina Lisboa!

Beautiful has so many different meanings but, for me, it always comes from within.
— Lina

Lina has been in the beauty industry for 15 years. She attended, and graduated from, Maricopa Beauty College.

As a young girl, Lina had always loved experimenting with her hair and makeup. By her freshman year in high school, she knew that she wanted to make her love for all things beauty a business. It wasn't until she later visited a local trendy salon that she was finally inspired to attend cosmetology school. From that point on, the rest is history!

Lina's style is definitely versatile, but can best be described as modern. She likes to keep up-to-date with the latest trends in the hair world and her client's current and fun looks are evidence of just that! She continues her education by participating in hair classes and by attending various hair shows.

Being an overachiever and extremely dedicated are descriptions that Lina is no stranger to. Her ultimate goal for her clients is to give them 100% of her talent every time they sit in her chair. By giving her clients what they envision, while doing everything in her control to maintain the health of their hair, she hopes that this keeps her clients loyal and their referrals continued.

Working at Salon Chic is something that Lina considers a blessing. She loves that her co-workers are genuinely kind and the fact that it is such a friendly environment. It is a more positive workplace than any of the others that she has experienced. She also praises the smoothly ran front desk and interaction of the salon coordinator.

A few fun facts about Lina: She is a mother of 3 beautiful children, born in Chile (raised in Arizona) and is bilingual with Spanish being her first language.

To reserve an appointment with Lina, call Salon Chic at (623)536-8113 today! 

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Meet Salon Chic Stylist Mary Crow-Hernandez!

Beauty is happiness. It’s also making someone who isn’t in magazines feel like they are beautiful enough to be. When I see that look of confidence on my client’s face, it is priceless as well as inspiring.
— Mary

Mary has been in the beauty industry for 14 years. She attended Carsten Institute of Hair & Beauty where she later graduated.

As a little girl, Mary knew she wanted to be in the beauty industry. When she was only 5 years old, she decided that she no longer needed her mom's help when it came to styling her hair—and she really meant it! She was also the go-to girl for her cheer squad's hair and makeup, her friend's Homecoming updos, and her little sister's (and her friends) hair and makeup needs. There was little question as to what direction Mary's future would take. She is a natural born hairstylist and beauty advisor. 

Mary's style can best be described as classic with a natural way of maintaining the current hairstyles and trends. A soft natural look that brings out her client's features is what she favors. Although, receiving the opportunity to use her more creative side on a more modern look is always a welcomed challenge.

Having her clients feel like they have received the best version of their hair possible is what she strives to deliver every time they sit in her chair. Ensuring that her client is comfortable and trusts her advice is also important. Providing a style that a client feels confident maintaining at home is always a personal goal for Mary's services as well. 

The professional atmosphere provided at Salon Chic is what makes Mary, and her clients, so comfortable being in the salon daily. The stylists are friends with each other, as well as their clients, and that bond can really be felt by all. 

A few fun facts about Mary: She is married with 3 beautiful children and a fourth-generation Arizona Native. She also owns a goat dairy that makes (amazing) cheese with her husband and parents!

To reserve an appointment with Mary, call Salon Chic at (623)536-8113 today!

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